Welcome to the Meatclown page,
Meatclown is happy to see you here!

Meatclown is my first film and was animated by shooting puppets that I made one frame at a time on film- this is called ‘stop motion animation’ in case you didn’t know. The idea for this film came from my love/hate relationship with a certain fast food restaurant growing up. I loved the happy bright colors and salty, fatty food as a kid, but then later learned that hamburgers may not really grow on trees…

My very talented best friend Adam Odnert and I wrote the Meatclown song together - you may listen to the song or follow the link to watch the film. I have also included the lyrics since many people have written me to ask for them.

Meatclown has been in many festivals all over the country and has also played on Japanese television, which makes me very happy.

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