Boobie Girl is a film that came straight from my heart. It is based on my own positive experience of having a breast reduction after being back-achingly busty for many years. People worldwide, of all sizes, have told me they relate to the story- it’s one of self-love and being careful what you wish for.

The film took about a year to make. I drew all of the animation by hand on paper, then colored it with markers. There are over 3,500 drawings in this 5-minute, 35mm film. It was my Master’s thesis for CalArts.

Treasured voice talent, June Foray narrated Boobie Girl. June is best known for her voice as ‘Rocket J. Squirrel’ (Bullwinkle’s pal). Nik Phelps of San Francisco’s Sprocket Ensemble scored the piece with original music and Mark Jensen did the sound design.

Boobie Girl and I have traveled the world- it’s been absolutely incredible! Sundance, Cannes, Tokyo, Ottawa- plus many others- just amazing. One of the best experiences I had was with Lunafest; whose proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Fund. They chose me to travel the U.S. to speak to young women about being a filmmaker. It was a huge honor and great fun.

I funded my travel to film festivals by selling Boobie Girl t-shirts to happy audience members. Plus I’ve given out thousands of Boobie Girl stickers just for fun. I love stickers. The proceeds from shirts and videos sold on my site will go to pay for the film I’m working on now.
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Brooke with Boobie Girl narrator June Foray and former AMPAS president Robert Rehme at the Beverly Hills Hotel